Hawley retainer; a new clear retainer that is fabricated with a virtually unbreakable, BPA-free plastic orthodontic wire (ClearBow). The ClearBow orthodontic wire is made in Canada and is not damaged by boiling water or stained by coffee, cola, beet juice or red wine.The ClearBow Hawley retainer is designed to provide superior aesthetics encouraging patients to wear their durable clear Hawley retainer without feeling self-conscious.

Unlike other types of clear retainers, the ClearBow Hawley retainer covers little or nobiting surfaces of the teeth. When properly designed by the orthodontist, the ClearBow Hawley retainer allows the teeth to settle into occlusion, which will also permit even distribution of the biting forces.

The ClearBow orthodontic wire is guaranteed not to break when the ClearBow Hawley retainer is used under normal conditions specified by the doctor. The ClearBow Hawley retainer can be prescribed to children, adolescents and adults by a general dentist or orthodontist.

*not available in USA

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