One Piece


  • Integrated hook. Rounded and anatomic format for patient’s comfort.
  • Permanent medium line: Aligned with the clinic axe crown, for better brackets attachment results.
  • Permanent code that facilitates identification.
  • To provide comfort to the patient the slot is well polished. This facilitates the placement of the arch 
eliminating possible damage to the labial surface.
  • Base torque: Low profile of the bracket provides good patient’s adaptation and comfort. At the same 
time it allows the slot alignment during the final phase of treatment. This characteristic minimized and 
most of the time eliminates additional adjustments to the arch.
  • Expanded area below the wings: To expand the under wings area the incise wall of the bracket is 
angulated, this facilitates the placement of multiple ligatures, and auxiliaries,
  • Base with compound curve for better tooth adjustment.
  • Inferior Bicuspids with an off –set at the base,
  • Integrate base eliminates any possible separation in between the mesh pad and the slot, without losing the benefits and properties of the bracket and the prescription.
  • Compacted design with a low friction, eliminating 80% of the contact between the arch and the brackets. This will create a fastest rotational control on the alignment and leveling.
  • During the first phases the doctor can use of nickel-titanium rectangular wire making possible the torque control.
  • Computer aided design (CAD)
  • Perfect harmony in between the orthodontist and patient comfort.
  • Exact reproduction of the mesh pad of the bracket. Maximizing the mechanic retention and creating 
stronger attachment force.
  • One Piece brackets are cast of surgical grade stainless steel 17-4 PH.