Single piece bracket (mono-block). Manufactured in 17-4ph surgical stainless steel by MIM process


  • Establishes a new standard for quality and affordability.
  • A Straight Wire bracket system with rounded contours for greater patient comfort.
  • Generous under tie-wing areas facilitate ligation with either elastomeric or steel ligature ties.
  • Center scribe ‘V’ channel aligns with the long axis for accurate placement and easy removal of ligature ties.


  • Designed for error-free bonding positioning due to reference cues with tie wings parallel to the tooth anatomy.
  • The central ‘V’ channel parallel to the long axis of the clinical crown ensures accurate placement.
  • Promotes faster ligature tie engagement and removal.
  • Provides excellent productivity and patient satisfaction at an affordable cost.


  • One piece metal injection molded (MIM) brackets
  • Fully programmed tooth-shaped designed brackets – a true Straight Wire system
  • Compound contour base for optimal bonding
  • Micro-etched base for optimal bond strength
  • Offset bicuspid bases avoid occlusal interferences
  • Faster placement and removal of ligature ties
  • Low profile and rounded contour design for patient comfort
  • Central ‘V’ channel for positioning bonding reference and faster ligature tie removal
  • Permanent ID marking system on the bracket tie wings<%2