Contour Thermal Nitinol Self Ligating

Contour Thermal Nitinol Self Ligating

The Contour NiTi EC arch wire system was specially calibrated in a force module to accommodate the use

of self-ligating passive brackets. For better clinic results and the efficiency of the movements in the different stages of the arch sequence, the Contour NiTi EC Arch wires represent an important key component of the Easy Clip System.  The combination of the different formats, materials, and force module, is going to stimulate the biological response.  A minimum force will create an uninterrupted vascular supply in the periodontal area during the teeth movements.  The patience comfort and safety are guaranteed.

Heat Activate

Lowest forces, heat-activated.

A heat-activated (thermal) wire specifically designed for consistent A performance and low tooth-moving forces. Ultra Therm wire provides outstanding resiliency and exhibits true thermal performance. Soft at room temperature and in the Doctor’s hand. Ultra Therm allows for easy ligation. Outstanding shape integrity.

  • Specially designed wire for consistent A performance.
  • Soft at room temperature, very easy to ligate
  • Great resiliency
  • Slightly lower forces than Ultra Therm plus
  • Ideal for significant crowding cases
  • Gentle forces provide for greater patient comfort
  • Very responsive to chilling
  • Square and Rectangle wire sizes provide low consistent tooth moving forces to address torque control early in treatment.

Sizes Available