Stainless Steel Archwire

Our Stainless Steel products are made of medical grade stainless materials. They have smooth surfaces, accurate forms, and consistent forces to provide precise torque control. Stainless Steel wire offerings include multiple strand options, which provide more flexibility and lighter forces.

Solid Wire

Round, Square, and Rectangular arch wire are formed from high quality, high-luster Type 304VSS wire. Tight controls ensure consistent shape and flatness. High tensile strength and high modulus of elasticity.

3 Strand

Three twisted strands of fine, round Type 302 SS that form a single wire to provide light forces, good flexibility, and resiliency.

Coax (6 Strand)

Five strands of fine wire wrapped around a single core wire. Light legating and tooth- moving forces.


Eight equal-sized Type 302 SS braided into a tight matrix and rolled to the popular rectangular sizes to provide gentle tooth-moving forces for finishing stages. In general, these offer the lightest force of the Stainless Steel wires. Resists fraying when cut.

Sizes Available