Lower friction equates to faster results!

Our BioSlide Nickel titanium wire produces 30% less friction between bracket and wire than traditional Nickel Titanium Wire! The ultra-smooth, hard black surface allows your customers to get to the finishing stage sooner by provides better sliding mechanics in early and mid-stage treatment. The shiny, black surface is nearly indistinguishable from regular NiTi in the mouth. Zero Friction Nickel Titanium wire is the choice for a Doctor’s Superelastic needs.

  • Reduce sliding friction by 30%.
  • Our highest force NiTi wire offering.
  • Excellent resiliency.
  • The ultra-smooth, hard black surface is an integral part of the NiTi wire. No coating to chip or flake.
  • Similar in appearance to regular NiTi wires when in the mouth.

More economical than other friction-reducing arch wires on the market

Available in Natural  Form and Damon Form

Copper Niti – Contour Thermal NiTi – Super Elastic

Sizes Available