Aesthetic Archwires

Polymer Coating Superelastic NiTi or S3 Stainless

Introducing a new polymer coated Tooth-Colored wire system. Manufactured in both NiTi and S304 extremely durable and does not change the dimension of the wire. Wire sequencing can remain unchanged since force values and performance is the same as non-coated wires. Available in True-form™, Europa™, and Europa™, Ultra-esthetic™ Arch wires are ink midline – black upper & red lower Polymer coating ensures:

– No dimensional change

– Durability – flake resistant

– Full dimensional expression of wire properties

Tooth-Colored epoxy coated arch wire necessitate the use of base wires that are .002” smaller than the final coated dimensions, so please consider this when selecting wires to ensure performance will be compatible with treatment objectives. Tooth-colored arch wire is ink midline (black upper, red lower) for symmetrical identification. After arch wire placement, rub midline gently with a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol—this will remove the majority of ink.

Sizes Available